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Original Parking Service is a success and quality driven Los Angeles Parking Company headquartered and founded in Los Angeles County.  We have serviced the Los Angeles Metro area since 1998 and have a proven record of dependability in providing our clients the management parking quality and profitability they deserve. Our core principles for valet parking are focused on achieving success and customer satisfaction, so in turn, we will go to the furthest extent to fulfill our fundamental duties.

As one of the leading parking management companies in Southern California, Original Parking Service will convert your parking assets to a profitable outcome.  We stand with the highest of honors in the industry and will assure a successful experience for both you and your clients.

Contact us today at 1-877-814-7275 and we can schedule a free,
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We have achieved great success and are proud to be one of the parking companies that contain a diversified clientele base

Our clientele extends out from world-class restaurants to state of the art parking facilities, we are capable of any kind of job.

Original Parking Valet Parking
Services include:

Retail centers
Nightclubs / Bars / Lounges
Banquet Halls / Country Clubs
Shopping Centers
Commercial Buildings
Medical Facilities


Comprehensive General Liability: $5,000,000.00+
Worker's Compensation Insurance: $1,000,000.00

We take every precaution in protecting and securing your customers vehicle.  For best measures, Original Parking Service, Inc. maintains a Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and Excess Liability Policy with single combined limits of $5,000,000.00

For even more added security, we also provide all locations with a specially designed and equipped Key Cabinet to assure the vehicle owner with dependable and secure storing.

Worker’s compensation insurance is also an added benefit included in all of our service.  As required by law, we carry a $1,000,000.00 Compensation Insurance and in excess of $5,000,000.00 for our Comprehensive Insurance Program.

Coverage includes public damage, public liability, bodily injury and garage keepers’ legal liability.

Our clients are also insured as additional registrants on our policy.